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Throwback: WARNING: Chocolates, Flowers & Balloons are Gifts for Girls Under 18

(First published Feb 12, 2006)
Oh dear…I fear I may be too late. VD (not to be confused with what you got from Random Club Chick back in '01) is in 2 days and I had no idea that there were still guys out there with no idea. In the last 24 hours I’ve had 5 guy friends call sounding anxious and uneasy and frustrated. Lemme make this quick…

I don’t know who the hell came up with the shit, my guess is Mr. Hallmark and Mr. Godiva joined forces…but it’s wack. The same way that Black History Month is wack…like, we need a day to focus on love, of course…but we also need to be in love every day…if that’s our journey, of course.

But really, fellas, no sense in trying to fight the power, bec like with every other cultural phenom, there is intense peer pressure…more importantly, P Pressure…and P Power of sorts.

I think that the idea of Black History Month is indeed absurd. A month? But how else can we force feed white folks a good Jeffersons marathon on TV Land…AND make them laugh when George calls Tom a honky (RIP)? How else do we justify a documentary about The Middle Passage for Christ sake?? We need the month to force the world to recognize, to dialogue, to honor.

VD is the same. We, women esp, need this day to make brothers validate the relationship. We need a day to evaluate how much he values us. We use the day to make brothas pay back all the times we endured wack sex, lent you dough for rent, and let slide those ambiguous text msgs from the Puerto Rican chick on your job.

Be real, VD is for women and Bitch Dudes, typically the more insecure in the relationship. Some take it waaaaay too seriously, expecting a recent grad on a recent grad’s salary to somehow afford an evening straight out of Diddy’s diary. They expect the dude who has yet to proclaim “THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND” to stand toe to toe with Luther and Shakespeare in expressing that a crib is not a casa.

Ladies, if the most romantic thing dude has ever done was lick crumbs from your cleavie, then don’t expect no rose petals leading to a candlelit lavender bath for two.

Be realistic. There is a definite grey area during the dating stages, but what is NOT done or said is just as important as what is.

Women are analyzing you fellas. Be on point.

But with that said, fellas, step it up! Do something original and out of the ordinary, but don’t send any mixed messages. If she is just your jump off, the LEAST you can do is engage in some foreplay...but do not under any circumstances refer to it as "making love."

I do not believe in overindulgence. I don’t advocate breaking the bank to make an impression. If shorty is expecting more than you have to offer, then either she is delusional or you are misleading.

If she says she doesn’t want anything, give her something anyway. Something sincere. She will give it up, and more importantly, she’ll appreciate it. Yes, sometimes it IS a test. Even if she really don’t want shit, she would be thrilled to know that it came from your heart, unsolicited.

You cannot avoid the drama. If you try, you will fail. It’s a bullshit holiday, I agree. But if you’re dealing with someone when February rolls around, then you have to play the game. You have to understand that this is the one day that she can get away with forcing you to recognize, to dialogue, and to honor HER. Cuz you know any other day you would blast her:

“Yo, why you trippin, yo?”
“Stop pressuring me!”
“I told you when we met I wasn’t trying to get into nothing serious.”
“I’m too focused on my career right now to give that question much thought.”

Bottomline... chances are, in the dating phase, you’ve been getting over without much accountability. She’s having sex with you without knowing that you have an eye out for something better. She is settling for being the “Right for Right Now Girl.” And hell, maybe that’s how she wants it, too.

But VD is the day she is in control.


And she might relinquish the power of the P on ya. And you'll LOVE IT!


Christopher aka CNEL said...

"P Pressure…and P Power"

And we all know what the means, she is definitely in control!

"If shorty is expecting more than you have to offer, then either she is delusional or you are misleading."

Amen to this, say it again, cause they may not have heard you the first time!

Anonymous said...


And she might relinquish the power of the P on ya.

I am gonna have to use that line. You are not lying with this blog. I am just gonna cook my girlfriend dinner and call it a nite. She knows I cant cook so if I am successful and not burning the food and the apartment, it will be a great nite!! lol j/k. I am just trying to keep it simple.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Chrissy, you cutie pie... you P whipped? lol

So...Wise...Sista said...

Eps, #1 you claimed her as your GF. #2, you're trying your hand at something you know you can't do. I'd say you're right on point in both intent and execution. Less is more brothas! Enjoy your VD!

SunshineMama said...

And I just say, "PREEEEACH! WORD UP!" If you celebrate VD men....learn how to work the system ...and be straight up in the process.

Christopher aka CNEL said...

I ain't P whipped yet, but I wouldn't mind getting there. I'm learning from Ep that's my brother from another mother.

Anonymous said...

I hope it's a long time before you retire! Anonymous Detroit.

jameil1922 said...

ok i just want to say, despite the cliche, i LOOOOOOOOOOVE flowers. like love. there's no reason. but not roses for most occasions (too obvious) and i HATE carnations (cheap and ugly). i agree w/vd. hilarious how you dropped the knowledge. how amazing is it that you still have to do this?? shouldn't men know they should just listen and not to lead on the jump off?? sigh.

soooo disagree on the bhm tip. (but you know that from the blog).

So...Wise...Sista said...

OK, I probably should have replaced the "Flowers" with "Bears". How high school is that dumb shit. I really truly am not a hater by nature, but I just can't understand the significance of a gift that requires no thought. You can basically walk into any CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, or whatever your regional pharmacy, and be beat over the head with "gift ideas." In those cases it's definitely not the thought that counts. Flowers are GREAT...except when it's after a fuck up. In that case I'm like, admitting you're wrong would go a lot further than dried up azaleas. lol

I'm a practical girl, so to me flowers are cool, but too temporary. How bout you just gimme that $50 and put it on my cell phone bill. lol

Anonymous said...

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C. Nel said...

"if you’re dealing with someone when February rolls around, then you have to play the game."

Haha only fell victim once.

Lol love the re-release.

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