Thursday, February 28, 2008


If you're reading this, I need your help.

I need every single person who's reading this to please leave me a comment with anything that comes to mind...topic...Pimps.

What I need are pop culture references. Anything from TV, movies, books, music that make you think of pimps, that have pimp in the name, lyrics, lines from films, inspired by pimps, etc.

Doesnt matter if someone else has already mentioned the one you're thinking of (matter of fact, write yours first THEN read what others have written). I need to know which are most pervasive and enduring. You can do it. Even you sexy lurkers. Do it anonymously.

Here. I'll even go first...

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yeah, so I decided to go to the concert
. And I elbowed my way onto the bandwagon.

So The Bama was in town last Monday, the day before he swept the Pot0mac primaries. Monday happened to be the dead of winter.

FUN WISE FACT... I do neither winter nor long lines. And as I walked up on the arena Monday afternoon, I encountered both. The long snaked around the building where rappers perform when they come to town. An arena. I literally couldnt see where it ended. Luckily my friend and I ran into a professor who let us step in line with him. And we still were out shivering for 20 minutes.

Once inside though it was the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time. First off, it was PACKED. Like, Jay-Z & Mary show packed. So I walk in and confirm that the concession stand is in fact not selling beer (losers), and climb up to the cheap seats. Even way up in nose bleed territory it was shoulder to shoulder.

Second, I don't think I've ever seen a crowd this diverse in a long time. Maybe ever. Not even at something as universal as a sporting event have I seen a crowd of so many different ages, races. Families with young kids. Elderly couples. Groups of black school kids wearing uniforms and book bags. Blue collar folks in their work uniforms. White baby boomers.

And folks were listening. And excited. Engaged.

And with that, I'm in. Because it would be a damn shame for him to gain this much momentum, gather this much anticipation and attention from people who have never given a shit about politics before, to lose. This aint no reality show where millions watch and vote and then don't buy the winner's shit [*cough* Taylor.Hicks *cough*] This is our country and our way of life. People who are engaged today will be engaged after he's in office. They won't stop watching CNN and reading the papers. We will all be watching to see how he does. We'll give time like we've been giving money to his campaign, to pitch in and help steer us back to some semblance of normalcy. Greatness even.

With that being said, and he's already got my vote, I'm still convinced that HC would be a more efficient leader overall. Why? I just do. I think she'd get more done in a shorter period of time. When I was a sophomore in high school some of my teammates voted me captain of the basketball team. I was appalled. I was the youngest, and there were seniors who had put in work for longer than I had even been on the team. They had earned it. Regardless that I may have been more galvanizing and well-liked, it wasnt my time (I did accept junior year). That's how I feel about this race.

But this isnt about efficiency. It's about hope and history. Plain and simple.

And in the end, the young gun is Varsity, and HC is JV.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It's like MJ is in town. Sold out concert. Last one ever.

You KNOW you should go.

But it's on the wrong side of town.

And the scalpers are ridiculous. You'd literally be spending your last dime.

But it's MJ, and you had a curl and glitter glove in '84.

And everywhere you go, everyone's talking about it. The excitement is intoxicating. Contagious.

But, despite the promise you're not so sure how he'll pull it off. He's never played this venue, and every night on the news you hear how rundown the joint is.

Do you go?

Or do you stay your ass at home, not risk getting shot, and pay your rent on time, instead?

That's how I feel about Rockamama, as my nephew calls him.

He's an absolute rock star. His momentum in the last week alone has been nothing short of spectacular. It's impossible not to get caught up.

Truth is, as I look at the issues for which both he and HC stand...I'm in agreement with the NY Times endorsement of HC. In my estimation, 'Mama presents bullet points of the issues. HC presents a detailed outline. In health care, for example, they both pretty much are offering a model of the types of plans available to members of Congress. Difference is tho, HC spells out how it will be funded, who will be eligible. Too often I'm seeing that 'Mama just spills on about how reprehensible it is for us not to all be covered and how we need to change.

But taking nothing away from the man, I'm probably on my way to the concert.

We have an opportunity that may never happen again in our try something new. Even if it doesn't work, if he fails miserably, if he lying like the rest of 'em, we'll know not to do that shit again.

But maybe it's worth a shot.

Might be the last one ever.

[But why I think if he wins the Dem nomination, 1 vote for is like 100 votes for whoever (white) is his opponent? *sigh*]

PPS...Does the news count as reality TV? Cuz I been all over this shit for weeks!

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